Counting 7-11s on a Bangkok commute...

Those of you who have ever been to Bangkok know that there is a 7-11 store on every other street corner.

So on our commute back from school, the kids and I started counting the number of 7-11s we pass.

I'm sure you're itching to hear the results, so here it is:

We counted 21 stores on one route, and a whopping 28 on another!

The distance traveled was probably about 10km and 13km on the latter, excluding the long flyovers that we took.

As a nice math exercise, the 9yo calculated that there was on average one 7-Eleven store for every 500m.

Of course this is only an average, so we observed (as to be expected) a high density of 7-Eleven shops in busy commercial areas like Victory Monument and bustling streets like Sutthisan, but very few around government areas, and none around the Royal Palace.

And there were several spots with 7-Elevens just across the road from each other - but this was a big, busy road, so I guess it's quite convenient and safe for pedestrians to have them on each side.


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