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Fear of putting down temporary roots

One thing that's tiring about living in limbo is the feeling like you can't fully let yourself put down roots. It's been almost a year since we "temporarily" left Singapore for Bangkok. When we left, I was just starting to feel settled down in Singapore —enough where I let myself relax, where I felt I may have made it past the culture shock stage and was ok...but only just enough. I initially (perhaps naively) expected to be in Bangkok for about three months. So I didn't want to lose that tenuous feeling of being settled in Singapore and revert to the old, familiar, comfortable life in Bangkok. I was scared that if I got too comfortable in Bangkok, I'd have to suffer through the whole process of relocation, culture shock, and adapting to life in Singapore all over again. But living in limbo is also hard. It's like your adrenaline is always running and you feel like you have to be on your toes, ready to move again at a moment's notice. This article

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