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Settling in: A rush of nostalgia for my Bangkok home

I caught of glimpse of our home in Bangkok and was hit by an unexpected wave of nostalgia.

I haven't been feeling too sentimental about moving to a new country. But then again, I still have my Thai mobile number and bank accounts. I continue to volunteer with BAMBI. And I haven't quite brought myself to exit the chat groups and email lists for my Bangkok choirs.

Call it denial if you will, but mentally, I haven't quite left Bangkok.

So. My nostalgia.

We have the fortune to semi-maintain our Bangkok home and Husband was staying there on a quick business trip back to the City of Angels.

It was just a glimpse of our kitchen table and the old teak-wood floors behind Husband as we video-called each other.

Suddenly, it brought back images of my kids crawling around those floors as babies, of my parents and my late-MIL when they visited, the jolly dinners with friends and family crammed around our small kitchen table, my routine of crawling out of bed at 5:45am to make the kids …

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