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Globally mobile life: Vulnerability in times of crisis

Following a most stressful week of decision-making, our family has now been reunited and I can reflect on how a globally mobile life makes us more vulnerable to crises like the current one.

I had absolutely no intention to write about COVID19 because there are SO many news items, information, resources, opinions, advice, etc. etc. out there already. Overwhelmingly so.

But I must say that the travel restrictions and closing of borders around the world has made it painfully apparent how much more vulnerable those of us living a globally mobile life are to crises.
When your family members are scattered over different countries.When your visa status places you at a disadvantage over nationals.When you don't have access to your support networks. (And if I'm feeling stressed as a more privileged 'expat', what of all those who are much more vulnerable, like refugees or migrant workers?)

Our case For me and my immediate family, last week was the peak of stress.

Husband was in E…

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