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Ready to move on? Cutting the umbilical cord with BAMBI

When moving to a new city, it's hard to cut ties with the life you've established in the old, especially when one can technically remain remotely connected. But the time comes when you can move on.

Since 2014, I've been volunteering with BAMBI and it has been amazing.

Being a meaningful part of this organization was such a big part of my identity--it represented the grown-up, professional part of me--that I was unable to immediately cut ties and step down fully despite the move to a new country.

I also felt that I still had a contribution to make on the revamping of BAMBI's website (which I'm thrilled to say has since been completed! I'm so proud of it and to have been a part of the team). And we aren't done uploading a ton of wonderful past content from BAMBI News to the website.

Thankfully, BAMBI allows for members to reside outside of Thailand and my responsibilities on the magazine-editing and website-development teams could be handled remotely, so I re…

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