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In limbo: Waiting for an international move

For the first time as a family, we're anticipating an international move. And circumstances have put us in limbo for longer than expected.

At this stage, I'm desperately hoping that the move will take place!

We're in a state of limbo.

With two injuries in the family necessitating one inpatient surgery and several outpatient visits (each in a different hospital), my own error of overlooking a requirement in the visa application that adds at least two weeks to the process, mistakes in official documents that have me running back to yet another hospital, supposedly homeschooling my two elementary-school kids who have already been taken out of school (needed to get the tuition back!), tying up my volunteer responsibilities (thankfully, I have a great successor), and also turning in my paid work on time -- well, let's just say my plate is full and I feel behind in everything.

No wonder I'm praying for the move, so I can actually start the new stage in our lives, rather …

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