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Settling in: Making (some) connections

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Had a great time last night singing with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra and Chorus. This space was full 😯 昨夜は満席のホールでシンガポールシンフォニーの公演に合唱で参加♪( ´▽`)実際歌ったのは9分くらい(^_^;)でも楽しかった☆ #singaporesymphonychorus #singaporesymphonyorchestra #singingexpatlife A post shared by Ema's Cross Cultural Family (@crossculturalfamily) on Nov 8, 2019 at 11:07pm PST
Six months have flown by since our move. I feel like I've reached the settling in phase...unless this is still my honeymoon! So what helped me to settle in?

Having moved countries several times in my life, I was bracing myself to go through the usual culture shock. I was particularly nervous that I might never get over the frustration stage and end up unhappy, like when I lived in Manila.
Finding my 'scaffoldings' Nothing beats doing something, so as soon as I could, I sought out my 'scaffolding,' a space or institution I could affiliate myself with, that would fulfill my need to belong.

That was a…

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