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Farewells to Singapore

So...we're staying in Thailand. After a year of uncertainty , getting back to Singapore at the right time has proven elusive, and we've had enough. We've asked the kids several times and they said they don't mind staying or going but don't want to start the school year late. Totally understandable, considering the last two school years, they missed the first 2+ months and it was tough. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ema Naito (@crossculturalfamily) The success of Husband's company without him in Singapore is a bit less clear but not the end of the world. We may reassess things in the future. My work is location-independent, so I'm fine. Singapore also recently decided they were no longer going to allow people on dependent visas to work locally, so that's no longer an attraction. And I have my friends and choirs here in Bangkok. Our Thai family is happy we're staying. I suspect our Thai nanny is also somewhat re

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