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The not-so-rosy side of expat stay-at-home life

I know that we are incredibly privileged in our (soft) lockdown life in Bangkok and I'm deeply grateful for that. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't stressed!
We're living a privileged lifestyle (we're not on an expat package but do have a family support network that's incredibly rich in social capital and the cost of living in Thailand allows us to live comfortably), but it's not all rosy and wonderful.
Let me be honest here. ☘ It's unsettling to be neither here nor thereFunny to realize that a year ago I was also feeling in limbo 😂 Last year, it was about waiting to make the planned move to Singapore actually happen; this year, it's about continuing a 'temporary' life indefinitely.
While Bangkok gently eases out of lockdown and shows some hope of a return to 'normal', Singapore's unlikely to open up for a while yet. Even when it does, as foreigners, we will have to get permission to return and heaven knows when that will be grant…

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