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TCKs and language

The TCKs of Asia group held an online forum on "Language and Power." Afterwards, I had so many thoughts swirling about in my head about language and belonging, what "mother tongue" means, and the reason why the Japanese label of kikoku shijo ("returnee") never felt right to me.

The online forum on "Language and Power," organized by the TCKs of Asia group, was a wonderful opportunity for third culture kids (TCKs) of Asia to reflect on one's "native" language and English and the complex relationship that language ability has with our self-identities and experiences.

After the session ended at 11pm, I couldn't immediately sleep because I was buzzed from the excitement of being (virtually) with a group of people who "get" what it's like to have grown up between worlds, the emotional drain of reliving and empathizing with tough experiences, and the swarm of thoughts crowding my brain.

Here's an attempt at articulat…

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