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On TCKs and friendships

Do Third Culture Kids really make friends faster than regular kids? What helped me settle in when we moved? I had a chance to chat with some TCKs about friendships. As always, such conversations and the flurry of thoughts and memories they trigger need to be digested...hence, this blog post. "TCKs make friends quickly" or "slow cooker"? There's a notion that TCKs, having moved around so much, learn as a survival technique how to make friends quickly. It's probably true to an extent, although I suspect TCKs might get better at making superficial friendships quickly but keep their cores well-protected. It's that core that gets hurt and raw with each good-bye, after all. I always found making friends the most daunting and painful part of moving, and "making friends quickly" would be the exact opposite of how I experienced my moves , from elementary school through to high school. I'm a "slow cooker" (thanks to a fellow TCK for that e

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