In limbo: Waiting for an international move

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

For the first time as a family, we're anticipating an international move. And circumstances have put us in limbo for longer than expected.

At this stage, I'm desperately hoping that the move will take place!

We're in a state of limbo.

With two injuries in the family necessitating one inpatient surgery and several outpatient visits (each in a different hospital), my own error of overlooking a requirement in the visa application that adds at least two weeks to the process, mistakes in official documents that have me running back to yet another hospital, supposedly homeschooling my two elementary-school kids who have already been taken out of school (needed to get the tuition back!), tying up my volunteer responsibilities (thankfully, I have a great successor), and also turning in my paid work on time -- well, let's just say my plate is full and I feel behind in everything.

No wonder I'm praying for the move, so I can actually start the new stage in our lives, rather than hanging on, waiting for it.

Much of what's on my plate is expected. It's small stress. (The injuries were not expected and not cool, but at least they weren't life-threatening.)

But I've been beating myself up for overlooking the extra visa requirement. I feel like I've let everyone, especially my husband, down.

That sinking feeling of mortification and guilt that I get in my gut every time I think about this -- plus the high-stress buzzing in my head whenever I return to the impossible website to try to complete the application -- are the worst parts of this current limbo.

And I've no one to blame but myself for significantly prolonging this state. Grrrr...

I'm grateful to my husband for not getting furious with me -- he had some more pressing issues -- and am trying my best to believe that it's all for the best. This delay will not harm my kids in the long run and will give the two injured ones time to fully recover.

(Ugh, but the cost of storage...and the rent we're already paying for our new home that stands empty... Gah!!!)


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