Responses to COVID-19, Thai style!

One thing I love about Thailand is the resilience and creativity of its people. Sometimes the results are hilarious, but it's wonderful to see what they come up with, even in times of crisis.

Red tape used in buses. Photo by Johnny Burrow.

'X'ed-out seats on the MRT. Photo by Ting Charoensuk.

People are now making cloth masks to prevent people from spreading germs when they talk, sneeze, cough, etc., and touching their faces.

Some resourceful people have started up a company making masks from Thai fabric and selling those online:

You can buy these for just B49 from @PhaKhowMask.

Being Thailand, of course there are monk-blessed versions!

Credit unknown.

Not to misunderstand: The monks aren't claiming that the blessings will protect the wearer; it's just a spiritual bonus (see "Thai monks make COVID-19 masks from recycled plastic," Channel New Asia, 23 March 2020).

There seems to be plenty of hand sanitizer everywhere.

All the supermarkets I've been to have free hand sanitizer pumps at the entrance and I've even seen one pump attached to an elevator wall — great idea! Another recent update to the pump:

And of course, assisted social distancing for elevators:

Shared on ThaiVisa - The Nation Thailand News.
Photo by canuck1966.

I was so excited when I got to experience this one first-hand, finally!

I love to feel the resilience of the people.

But of course there are many who live in poverty and are severely affected. For those who want to donate, here are two options:
  • Covid Relief Bangkok: A coalition of SATI Foundation, Scholars of Sustenance, and Urban Studies Lab, with support from Bangkok 1899 and the Thai Health Volunteers Foundation, distributes masks, soaps, hand sanitizer, and basic foodstuff to the most vulnerable groups (by age and income) in Bangkok, as identified via demographic data. Every B300 provides a family of four sanitation items and food supplies.
  • HomeNet Foundation and the Federation of Informal Workers: Donations will be used to provide the federation's members an essential food packet worth B300, which can support a 3-person family for one week. Their goal is to reach at least 1,000 workers and their families.

Hoping that we can all emerge from these tough times sooner than later...!

Edited 27 April: Added Instagram images of hand sanitizer and the foot-operated hand sanitizer dispenser.


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