Reunited with stuff: Our shipment arrived

Over a year ago, we left Singapore with our house still fully intact.

Last week, our full household shipment arrived in Bangkok. We were reunited with our stuff. 

All. Our. Stuff.

A stack of some empty boxes.
And yes, they did topple over
at some point! 
We never fully emptied out our home in Bangkok when we moved to Singapore, and we reacquired stuff here — rice cooker, bread machine, vacuum cleaner, sewing machine, kids' school things.

So now, we have to somehow fit in a full house's worth of stuff into an already kinda-full house 😂😱

Some things, I'm happy to see again—like my favorite books and our family albums. And I met a shirt that had I'd ordered online but which had arrived after we'd left.

Most of the kids' clothes and shoes are now too small so we'd had to give away a huge batch.

It makes me appreciate how

  1. The number of times I've moved in my life does not in the least correlate to my ability to pack/unpack, sort, or downsize 😂
  2. We have way too much stuff. And not only because of the kids.
  3. But some things are meaningful to have. Having them makes me feel settled and at home.

We also had subletters for a few months and it appears that they left us some Christmas reindeer and a sleigh.

I think we also have our landlord's remote control 😂 (But it was broken and we had already replaced it with a universal remote that actually works.)

The house is in complete chaos and it's all tremendously stressful, but I'll be happy to finally settle back in.

It's like our two parallel worlds have finally converged and we'll get to live one unified  life again!


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